About the team
University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications
Into the Evergreen was produced by 17 University of Oregon students led by Professor Torsten Kjellstrand in the School of Journalism and Communication during the Winter 2014. The students took charge of their class projects and held multiple roles as writers, researchers and multimedia journalists.
Alan Sylvestre
Multimedia Producer
Alan Sylvestre is a native Oregonian who has always had an investment in being outside with his friends. He enjoys multimedia storytelling, photography, writing and music. Post graduation, he plans on pursuing a professional career in visual journalism to promote social change.
Andy Rossback
Andy Rossback is a University of Oregon journalism student and fourth generation Oregonian. His father and grandfather worked in the mills and forests on Coos Bay, Oregon. He served as the developer and designer for Into the Evergreen. He’s interested in the intersection of business, technology and journalism.
Wenhuan Wang
Multimedia Producer
Edwin (Wenhuan) Wang is a Chinese graduate student at University of Oregon, in his second year in the media studies program of School of Journalism and Communication. He likes academic inquiry on new media and culture, photographing his wife and 8-month son, and cats. He also works as an “All things considered” person for an early-stage startup subsidiary of a Japanese IT company.
Grant Lemons
Multimedia Producer
Originally from Salem, Oregon, Grant Lemons is a junior studying journalism at the University of Oregon with a focus in advertising. He is a multimedia producer, Reddit aficionado, and an aspiring (and perspiring) marathon runner. On the weekends he can be found in his Corolla, bumping his favorite hip-hop music while cruising for new experiences and greasy burritos.
Guru Amar Khalsa
Multimedia Producer
Guru Amar Khalsa, a native of South Florida, is a digital media journalism student at the University of Oregon. Writing, photography and traveling have always been passions of hers, and videography has recently been added to that list. After boarding school in India for eight years, she left flat, monotonous Florida for the beautiful, diverse state of Oregon six years ago and hasn’t looked back.
Jesse Crowell
Multimedia Producer
Born and raised in Bend, Oregon, Jesse Crowell has a passion for creative visual storytelling and the human element through means of video, audio and photography. He is currently a senior at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication and hopes to continue filming people in forests.
Jessica Hollowell
Multimedia Producer
Jessica Hollowell is a filmmaker and writer based in the Pacific Northwest. She has a B.A. in History and is finishing up a second bachelor’s degree in journalism, with a focus on narrative and documentary production. She likes old books, robots, details, and stories about the remarkable in the ordinary.
Julia Reihs
Multimedia Producer
Julia Reihs has lived her whole life in Oregon’s forests. A University of Oregon junior and journalism major, she focuses on multimedia and documentary production and has worked as a producer for Flux Magazine. Julia’s story telling has brought her to both Uruguay and Mexico. Into the Evergreen has taught her about the complexities of her home. When not working, Julia goes swing dancing, running, and hiking.
Julianne Parker
Julianne Parker is an Oregon native and a senior journalism major at the University of Oregon. She’s interested in international relations, history and political science through the scope of storytelling. Her great-grandfather helped build the historic O&C Railroad from where Oregon federal forests’ controversial future stems.
Matthew Leslie
Multimedia Producer
From Portland, Oregon, Matthew Leslie grew up loving the rain, but has recently fallen in love with the snow. He is currently learning to become a storyteller through moving and still images. If you can’t find him editing, you can find him standing knee deep in powder with an ice axe wishing he knew how to ski.
Maximilian Länge
Multimedia Producer
Maximilian Länge is an exchange student from Germany at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication who, as a writer and photographer, wants to learn the art of multimedia storytelling. After spending a lot of time in the forest with his grandfather at a young age, he has now rediscovered his love for nature in the Oregon woods.
Melanie Burke
Melanie Burke is a journalism major hoping to break into multimedia and interactive production after graduation. She's on Twitter, @melnburke, where she spends a lot of time talking about her dog, her boyfriend, and comic books. Melanie is originally from Boise, Idaho and is thrilled to call the northwest her new home.
Ronald Clark
Multimedia Producer
An Inglewood, California native, Ronald Clark is a first generation college student. He is a senior at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. He is also an aspiring sports reporter and current member of the Duck TV Sports staff on campus.
Sam Stites
Sam Stites is a senior journalism student from Portland, Oregon. As an Oregon native, he’s spent a lot of time working and playing in the evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest. His passions include investigative reporting, writing and finding new ways to tell stories on digital platforms. Follow him on Twitter @Sams12.
Tiffany Han
Multimedia Producer
Tiffany Han grew up in and out of San Jose, California and Portland, Oregon before temporarily settling in Eugene. In the spring, she will graduate from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and a minor in Spanish. Upon being released into real life, Tiffany plans to move to Spain for as long as financially and legally possible to continue experiencing experiences.
Torsten Kjellstrand
A native of Sweden, Torsten Kjellstrand is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon of Journalism and Communication, working with students to learn and advance storytelling in multiple media. He also works as a photographer, writer and filmmaker. He is smarter than at least one of his dogs.
Zolboo Bayarmagnai
Multimedia Producer
Zolboo (Li Li) Bayarmagnai is, a senior at the University of Oregon, studying Broadcast Journalism and Digital Arts. She likes being on camera, enjoys being creative and loves producing multimedia videos. Li Li is from Mongolia and her ultimate goal in life is to be true to herself.
Some special notes.
Music for the Into the Evergreen Trailer provided by Sam Sprague. Thanks to Ivar Vong for coding advice and support. Dark wood pattern made by Omar Alvarado. Tree icon designed by Edward Boatman from the Noun Project. Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce. Special thanks to the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication for their support of this class and project.

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