Into the

An Oregon story.
Oregon’s identity has long resided in its forests. Early pioneers were drawn to the west by the promise of fertile lands, natural beauty, and especially, the abundance of trees.

Today, the forests are both a source of livelihood and a haven for recreation and retreat — opposing demands that yield tireless controversy. The uncertain future of Oregon’s forests comes down to a question of value. In a time of economic uncertainty and environmental activism, how should Oregon use its greatest natural resource?

These are the stories of Oregonians — the people who have deeply rooted connections to the forest and a personal investment in its future.

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“It’s kinda hard to get started some days.”

“I can’t imagine doing anything else. It just doesn’t feel right.”

“The forest has given me my life.”

“It’s almost part of our genetic makeup.”

“I have a freedom there that I don’t have anywhere else.”

“You can’t really appreciate the value of an education.”

“The forest has been a great friend for me.”

“They didn’t want our ancestors to be armed.”

“I feel like when I come in here I’m cared about.”

“I just like getting as far away from city life as I possibly can.”

“Let’s go to the beginning.”

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